Since the inception of Uflex in 1983, its growth linked career has been marked by various crucial breakthroughs in packaging, some of which have been acclaimed by international awards.

These include :


Technology to recycle process waste into Flexolene, used for injection moulding

Use of BOPP in barrier metallizing

Use of Holograms in Packaging

Technology for chemically coated films

Flexitube to replace multilayer metallic tubes design INNOVATION of the year award from UNILEVER worldwide

Awards won by Uflex

Worldstar Award 1995 for Packaging Excellence
India Star 88 from Indian Institute of Packaging
Plastindia Award 1997 for Environmental Excellence/Energy Conservation
National Citizenship Award 1989 presented to Mr Ashok Chaturvedi on 14th Sep. 1991 by the Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh P V Narsimha Rao for his singular achievement in different fields at a very young age