We print on everything !
BOPET, BOPP, PVC, Cello, Poster Paper, Chromo Art Paper, Glassine Paper

The strengths of speed, quality, quantity and ability to deliver consistently to over 3000 customers in more than 40 countries makes Uflex one of the foremost converters in the world.

We have under one banner……..technical experts from the fields of films
, polymers, inks, coatings, adhesives and converting & packaging machinery working together as a team to meet the customer needs.


We provide following facilities -

  Pre-press   Cylinders   Printing   Lamination   Slitting   Pouching


Well-equipped design studio manned by creative artists specialising in packaging designs facilitate aesthetic layouts, colour schemes and the final artwork.
We accept inputs in the form of Digital Files, Art work, Positive, Negative, Transparency and Film.
Scanning at 4000 DPI ensures a true to life image. High end Barco Monitor, calibrated to
prepress.jpg (5690 bytes) ambient light conditions, reproduces WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) images.
Approved and Finished designs, in digital forms, are planned through state of the art packaging planning software to meet the Gravure printing requirements.

Result can be previewed in the form of Cromalin proof.

The Review facility provides printing the final layout complete with print marks on Novajet printer upto one metre Web width.

Digital designs are electronically transferred to OHIO/Datwyler Cylinder engraving systems.



Base Shells made from best mild steel cylinders are dynamically balanced at 500 RPM to simulate printing speed.

Fresh base shells are nickel plated to enhance bonding of copper with mild steel.


Galvanising systems from MDC Datwyler, Switzerland provide for high quality Nickel, Copper and Chrome Plating of Cylinders with automatic control on hardness and thickness of deposits.


Fully computerised, Swiss-made Polish Masters ensure engineering accuracy and a smooth cylinder surface finish.


High-end Electronic Engravers from MDC, Datwyler and OHIO create cylinders using digital inputs with accuracy and reliability.
Facility is also available for Chemical etching of cylinders through the conventional process.


The proofing station from Hecford, U.K. is the last stop before cylinders are rolled out for production. This facility generates life like sample prints on desired surface using real inks and substrates.

All chemicals are tested in well equipped laboratories to give the best results under specified conditions.
Each Cylinder is checked for surface finish with sophisticated test and measuring equipment before and after engraving and documented.
All design data is digitally stored for accuracy and consistency for reproduction at any time in future.



We print on everything !
BOPET, BOPP, Poster Paper, Chromo Art Paper, Glassine Paper, Foil, PVC, LDLLDPE

State of the art fully automatic printing machinery from Rotomac (Italy) and Sung-an (S. Korea) are employed for high quality gravure printing in 8 colours with a maximum web width of 1200 mm and print speed of 250-300 Meters per minute. All machines have Press Tech high precision registration controllers and digital drives.
A set of 12 such machines equips Uflex with the largest gravure printing facility in India and one of the leading in Asia Pacific.


Co-extrusion lamination using computer controlled extruder dies with automatic gauge control produces customised packaging material using high performance resins at optimum cost.
We also use Dry Lamination machines equipped with PID type temperature controllers, PLC controlled drives, turret unwind and rewind, well designed hoods for speeds of 200 meters per minute and adhesive deposits of upto 4.5 gsm.



High speed (upto 450 meters per minute ) Slitters from Titan, U.K. with automatic tension controllers slit a roll OD of 700 MM with a roll width of 1200 mm


Uflex can produce over 0.5 billion pouches per annum.

The extremely innovative Pouching Department is equipped with machines from Nishibe ( Japan) and Hensen (Germany) to enable the creation of preformed pouches catering to specific requirements of various customers.

Versatility of various kinds of pouches is enhanced by using different accessories like - Rope handles, Die Punch handles, Spouts, preformed handles, pilfer proof membrane, self sticking tape, zipper etc.