Uflex provides complete integrated packaging solutions, right from design to delivery.

Our Research and Development team specialises in package design, material and structure selection, cost reduction and productivity enhancement.

Catering to the specific need for Laminates and Pouches of each customer by constantly redefining cost effective packaging options, is the only tradition of service known to Uflex.

With almost 2 decades of experience in Flexible Packaging and significant investments, we have perfected our processes and technology to produce high quality Flexible Packaging Materials on time and within budgets.

To ensure superior quality and timely delivery we have achieved full backward integration. Our in-company divisions and group companies located nearby produce all critical inputs, like the BOPET and BOPP films, Inks, Adhesives and substrates, Holographic Films, Metalisation facility, Blown Film and other such raw materials.

Through our innovations in packaging, we have even helped our customers resolve a variety of problems. A few such cases are quoted below:

An auto major had serious problem in combating spurious spares. We designed very special Laminates with holographic designs incorporating the company's logo. This eliminated the problem almost immediately raising the sales to three times within a year.

A bed mattress manufacturer had no brand recognition inspite of giving the best quality, because of duplication. When all methods failed to contain this piracy, Uflex created a Gravure printed pouch measuring 36"x96". The problem was nipped and the brand established its leadership in the market .

A leading snack food manufacturer sold a popular snack in 400gms packing. The quantity was too much for a person to finish in one go. But the snack needed to be sold in the 400gm packs. Uflex designed a reclosable pouch with zipper. The buyer could eat as much as desired and then seal the pack for reuse later. The company's benefit was two-fold, because selling in bigger packs was cost effective and a reusable pouch increased the brand loyalty.

The cost effective anti-piracy pouch was developed by Uflex to help manufacturers of products for the low users. In the form of a thin holography strip at the centre seal did not effect the end user price but protected him from buying duplicate or spurious material.